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Hello, I’m Tori.
Ever since I was a small child on my mother’s knee, looking at beautiful picture books, I have wanted to illustrate. Images can stay with us for a life time and those early inspirations led me to a long road of study and practice. I have a BA (hons) in Illustration and have been lucky enough to continue creating ever since graduation.

I love getting lost in my slightly strange and vivid imagination and pulling out things to put on paper. I also love creating images for clients from the same pool of imagination, having a purpose and focus for my creative thoughts always leads me to produce my best work, who said a deadline suppresses the imagination?!

Picture books, character design and line work are some of my favourite areas, but I’m always open to a challenge and new areas to put my creative focus.

In my spare time I talk to Guinea Pigs (and any other animal that happens to be in the area), play musical instruments, make jewellery, annoy my neighbours with an unruly wild garden, socialise over coffee and good food, enjoy every scrap of nature around me and also squeeze in being a part -time Librarian for Exeter FE College. Books and nature are my passions as is my ever supportive poet husband.

If you like what you see in my portfolio why don’t you drop me a message?