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I’m an Illustrator, designer-maker, music lover and nature enthusiast based in Exeter, Devon.

I graduated with a BA (hons) in Design: Illustration in 2005 from University of Plymouth and have been working within the field of illustration ever since.

My main areas of interest lie in children’s publishing, character design and line-work; although my enthusiasm spans all areas of illustration and I have had experience illustrating for poetry, indie publishing and branding.

For almost 10 years I worked part-time as a librarian at Exeter College before pursuing illustration full time in 2017.  I was part of an award winning department rated consistently ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted and was able to develop my skills as an information professional, championing literacy and digital literacy. I had a special interest in accessibility and working with students with differential needs.

I feel this has had a big impact on how I approach projects and makes me particularly aware of equality and diversity within any area I work. I will always hold a strong passion for literacy of all kinds and am deeply passionate about reading and the importance of books for developing life skills.

I’ve always had an interest in ‘making’ and as an outlet for my constantly fidgeting hands I started up “Foxtree Studios” in 2012 where I now create one off-jewellery pieces with a nature theme. Over the years I’ve worked with a variety of mediums including felt, polymer clay and wire. I often use all of these in my design process.

When not creating I can be found talking to my guinea pigs, playing instruments, marvelling at nature, collecting random things (which usually find a home in my studio) and enjoying a good coffee with my husband. who likes tea… oh and often being quite silly, everyone needs some silliness in their lives!